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Woosch Soaps and Lotions
How did it start?

In 2003, Jerry's mom was celebrating 5 years cancer-free, after a courageous fight with breast cancer. She was hosting a golf outing & luncheon to celebrate. She wanted a fun door prize for everyone who participated. Jerry saw his opportunity & offered to supply everyone with a bar of homemade soap. He made some large loaves, sliced them down and everyone left with a special memento.


That was just the beginning. He started to make soap, all kinds, & any kind and even chose some friends & family members as testers and gave them samples of all the varieties he was making.


Jerry and Chuck learned a lot that summer and from the start Chuck shared Jerry's passion & enthusiasm for creating a better soap.


In late summer 2003 they made the first Aloe Vera Bar and scented it with essential oil of lime. They were on vacation in Provincetown, MA and forgot to pack shaving cream, so Jerry used the Lime Aloe. He couldn’t believe the close, comfortable shave he got so he made Chuck shave with it too, and he said, “This is it…we should just make aloe soaps, this stuff is great.”

When they got home from that trip a friend had been using the same Lime Aloe soap in the shower. He couldn’t wait to tell them how much he liked it and also how sure he was they should be selling it. Woosch was born.


Since that time Chuck and Jerry have created the best Glycerin-Aloe Vera Soap imaginable, the Ultra-Aloe Bar is truly amazing. Because Woosch uses only concentrated Organic Aloe Vera, more than four times more Aloe Vera can be added than was in the original recipe. Your skin will notice the difference that all of the extra Aloe Vera makes. The concentrated Aloe that we use carries the International Aloe Science Council Seal.


While some soap makers add just a few drops of fragrance to each bar of soap, at Woosch we add a full 3.5ml of aromatherapy quality essential oils & fragrance oils to each Ultra-Aloe Bar. That means your soap will be just as fragrant at the end of the bar as it was when you first opened it. We process all of our soap in small batches. This allows us to give each bar the attention needed to produce a very high quality soap.


Our Ultra-Aloe Shower Gels & Lotions are made with the same organic aloe that we use in our soaps. All of our lotions are alcohol-free. These products were added to our line in 2007 & have become customer favorites. Our newest product is our Ultra-Aloe Hand Soap. The rich lather of the Hand Soap is enhanced with Jojoba Oil & extra glycerin. 

Use Woosch Skin Care and give yourself a spa treatment everyday right at home..

Woosch?   Woosch!

 In the Spring of 2009, after a 14 month wait, we were finally granted a trademark for Woosch Skin Care by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Therefore, August 2009 began our transition from Woodbury-Schmidt Soap to Woosch.


Our valued customers who supported us during our first six years were very happy to know that only our name changed. Our recipes, location & commitment to creating high quality products remained the same.


So how did we come up with the new name? We didn't leave Woodbury-Schmidt Soap completely behind, so... after much deliberation, we took the first three letters of each of our last names & combined them - Woosch!


Woosch Skin Care is made at Queen Acres Farm in Kunkletown, PA.


Our southern Pocono Mountain location provides the perfect backdrop for our soap making. Much of the surrounding land is still farmed by the families that settled this area well over 200 years ago. We joined the Kunkletown community in 1992. We have felt at home here ever since.


Some of the things we love most about being in this beautiful area are the clean air, amazing forests & abundant water --springs are everywhere. We have three on our property alone. Our water source is a spring that has supplied everyone who has lived in our house for over 150 years. It is the only water we will use in our high quality soaps.


Chuck Woodbury

Jerry Schmidt

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