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Woosch Soaps and Lotions



Woosch Lotions are unlike any other lotion you've ever tried.  We carefully combine Organic Jojoba, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to create a lotion that penetrates deeply and restores moisture to your skin.  More than just a hand lotion, use Woosch all over.  Thick and creamy Woosch lotion works so well that after using it you will find that you use less of it and use it less often.  How can this be?  Well that's because the amazing ingredients we use so fully moisturize, but also because of the things we don't use.  We never add alcohol or petroleum products.  We are proud that we make an all-vegetable lotion.  So many great uses like pre-shave, after sun or wind, everyday skin care. 

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