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Woosch Soaps and Lotions
Ultra-Aloe Glycerin Bar Soap

Woosch Aloe Vera and Glycerin Bar Soaps not only look and smell great they also create thick, rich lather.  Because we use high quality products our Bar Soaps have fantastic transparency, long lasting scent and an excellent moisturizing effect which leaves your skin with a smooth, pleasant feel.  Our gentle cleansing formulation is enhanced by the addition of concentrated Aloe Vera so each use is like a spa treatment.  In fact, we add so much Aloe that you'll notice a difference right away! Since our process is Melt and Pour we can add our fragrance and essential oils as well as the Organic Aloe Vera towards the end.  The result is that the none of the aloe properties is compromised and the scent is just as fragrant when you have just a sliver left as it was when you unwrapped it.

Welcome to Woosch, Keep it Clean!

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All orders $50 or more


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