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We produce at this time 49 different fragrances of glycerin soap. Some I are my favorite and some are others favorite.

Sometime in the 1970s I discovered a mens cologne called Vetiver. The memory of that smell stayed with me. Sometime in the last 10 to 12 years while we were developing our business WOOSCH the memory of how much I liked that cologne returned.

Developing fragrance mixes is fun, as long as you keep in mind that whether you like the smell or not it’s subjective. If that smell reminds you of something pleasant you tend to like it, while if it reminds you of someone, something or an event that isn’t a good memory then chances are you won’t like the smell.

I love to work with fragrances that I like.

Vetiver, described by one supplier as “deep, smokey, earthy”. There are many claims as to its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. From cleansing the aura, reducing wrinkles to a tonic to the reproductive system. These I’m not going to go into any more than just stated. I make it because I like it, it’s just that simple.

Vetiver on its own is too much and I believe it needs to be with other fragrances. The first soap bar I made with Vetiver is called Vetiver Rosewood and Lavender and from there I made Vetiver and Geranium, they are both on the web site.

Now Im working on a mix of Vetiver and Atlas Cedarwood. The first attempt was half and half Vetiver and Atlas Cedarwood. I need to pull back some of the Vetiver next time and add something else. That something else...maybe Rosemary, Patchouli, Frankincense or a citrus like Grapefruit or Lime. I could always use Rosewood, Lavender, or Geranium as they’ve already worked well with Vetiver but I wanted to find new things to mix with it.

Anyway stay tuned and when I figure it out we’ll add it to the bar soap list.


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