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Spring is about to be sprung...with a Sale!!

Every year we have 2 big sales. One for our Woosch Anniversary in August and the other is Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Both of these have become traditions. Chuck thought that as we come out of the last two years of craziness it was time to start a new tradition -- a Spring Sale.

So beginning Saturday March 19 and continuing until Tuesday March 22 we will be celebrating Spring with 15% off all individual products on the website!! All you have to do is shop!

This is the perfect time to stock up for Easter. Don't want the Easter Bunny to bring a basket full of candy this year? What about Woosch? It's colorful, smells great, looks fabulous in a basket and everybody loves it!

And let's not forget about Mother's Day. We know Mom's love it...ours sure do!!!

Remember when your product total is $50 or more you get free shipping and for every $30 you spend we include an extra item.

We're Woosch...Keep it Clean!!


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