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Holiday Sales

Hello and Happy Fall to everyone! A huge "Thank you" to everyone who took part in our 20th Anniversary Sale back in August.

Since then we've been working on finishing the new Woosch warehouse on our property. Chuck had a vision for turning our 100+ year old outbuilding into a climate-controlled storage space. We added a concrete floor, took off the sliding barn doors and rebuilt the front adding a new entry door. Next was electric and a mini-split system and finally Chuck finished the inside. We expect to have all our finished Woosch products and raw materials moved in by the end of the month.

***BIG NEWS***

Bay Rum Bar Soap and Beard Oil are back!!!

It's been a long wait and we're happy to have both products back on the website!

After 17 years we've decided that this year we will not be at Christkindlmarkt.

It has been a fun run and we've made lots of friends there over the years but we're going to stick to web sales at this time. You will always be able to find us online!

We are starting to plan the Annual Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale. It's a great time to stock up!!

Best Woosches,

Jerry and Chuck


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