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Tommy's is the Best!!!

Yes its true! Once again in 2017 Tommy's Frankicense-Patchouli is our best selling bar soap!!

Here's the history:

It all started when our friend Tommy tried to put a bar of Frankincense together with a bar of Patchouli. Finally, he asked us to do a custom blend for him and the rest is history. We now have that same great fragrance in Shower Gel and Beard Oil. The idea of adding it to Beard Oil came from another friend, Erik whose beard looks and smells great by the way!

During the month of February every time you spend $30 on product we will send you a FREE bar of Tommy's. So if your product total is $30 you will get one FREE bar. Spend $50 and get one free bar and FREE SHIPPING. $60 and you get TWO FREE bars and FREE SHIPPING!

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