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Sometimes I feel like Santa

Chuck and I are wrapping up week 4 of 6 at Christkindlmarkt later today and throughout this run I have become more and more grateful to be part of this show. There are so many reasons, but I wanted to share a few today.

Yesterday, a family who has been shopping with us for over 10 years made their annual trip to our booth to buy Christmas City Hand Soap. I've watched their kids grow up and they are now adults but the Woosch Soap tradition is still part of their Christmas. Then hearing, "It just wouldn't be Christmas for us with out a trip to Woosch," well I was overwhelmed.

I have such gratitude and appreciation for all of our customers who have made this 15 year journey so much fun. This week I saw so many people stop by our booth, some with a complete list of what they want (Lloyd and Phyllis) others buying for the first time, like the young girl who smelled the Jolly Apple, and said, "Mommy, I love this soap!" Then she handed me five crumpled singles and held on to her soap like it was a prize. Her smile gave me a smile that lasted all day.

Another thing that makes Christkindlmarkt so much fun is the other vendors. We have been with the same group for a while and we have more fun than should be allowed, and more than you'd likely believe. Across from us are our friends, Grace and Les, and we've been show neighbors for about 8 years. Grace paints slates and Les does Iron work. Another neighbor is Joyce who has hooded, character towels. Angie and Angel the pickle princesses have some pretty delicious pickled options. And Mark who makes (nearly) untippable stools and also feeds us some delicious treat he made the night before. And St. Nick...he needs no introduction!

So here I am working retail, loving it and Feeling all the warmth of the Holiday Season.

Best Woosches to you all and to all the Best Christmas, ever!

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