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2 Day "Thank You" Sale - 10% Off

The last two months sure have been crazy and being unemployed from our "day jobs" for so long meant we needed to start finding our new normal. We decided to look for ways that we could devote ourselves to Woosch full-time. Ten days after Chuck worked his last bartending shift we blogged out that we were lowering our Hand Soap prices for the duration of the crisis. That was March 16th and we've been Woosching ever since! The response to our blog posts, videos and social media blasts has been beyond anything we could have imagined. That's why we want to thank everyone who has made our Stay at Home time so life changing. As the country moves towards a new normal, you've helped us find ours! THANK YOU!!!!

For the next two days May 16 &17 we are taking 10% off everything on our website (including the already discounted Hand Soaps). We'll make the discount happen automatically, you just do the shopping.

Thanks again, Stay Safe, Keep it Clean and

Best Woosches,

Jerry and Chuck

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