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OMG! Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap and Jolly Apply Hand Soap too!!!

We will always remember 2020! We were both laid off from work in March due to COVID-19 and turned to Woosch to keep us busy. We lowered the price of our Hand Soaps at a time when others were raising them and we watched sales take off. For us, 2020 will be remembered as the year of the Hand Soap! We started the year with 10 different scents and with the addition of our two newest, Pumpkin Spice and Jolly Apple, we now have 16!!

Yes, you heard right...Pumpkin Spice. It's everywhere so we had to. The scent is just perfect. Warm and cozy with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. We know you love the scent and we have a limited supply to kick off Pumpkin Spice season.

And...Jolly Apple. Its scent is sweet, tart and bright just like the hard candy. Get that mouthwatering fragrance every time you wash your hands!

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